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Integrate Live Video Experiences with just a few lines of code. Create personalized Meetings and Webinars with different themes

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Add High Quality Video Experiences


Quick & Easy Implementation

Setup the SDK and get an iframe url which your developer can add in minutes


Easy to use

Manage meetings, participants and roles all via the simple REST API


Feature packed

Video Meetings, Webinars, chat, virtual backgrounds and more ...


Superior Support over video!

We strive for customer success! Get starter kits, tutorials and schedule developer support for any issues.

Easiest way to add Meetings and Webinars

Simple, Quick Integration

The Live Video SDK provides an iframe based integration. You can get started in minutes

Get up to speed with Example Apps

Example repositories for the SDK are provided for both webinars and meetings so that you can get started quickly

Control everything with REST API

Simple REST API for all the features of the SDK. API Keys are accessible from the dashboard and can be used to integrate with your own apps.

Book Meetings for integration help

Stuck on any issue during integration of the SDK, you can simply schedule a call and our tech team will sort it out.

Vidphone is for you!


The pandemic has brought about a new era of healthcare. Patients and doctors are now more comfortable with telehealth consultations.


Leverage the inhert viral abilities of video to drive engagement and build more connected communities. Especially for social, gaming, and dating apps.


Many LMS platforms and schools are using video to enable remote learning. Training institutes can now offer video classes and video tutorials from anywhere.


Save time and money by hiring quality talent located anywhere with high quality video interviews.

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Comprehensive features to integrate meetings and webinars

Build superior video experiences

HD Audio Opus Codec
High Quality video Auto selects the right video resolution for the network and device
Group chat and private chat Easily send data and chat messages between all participants
Desktop screen sharing Share your computer screen and choose which applications to display
Meetings - Maximum participants Currently we support up to 100 participants who can join the same meeting
Webinars - Maximum Presenters Currently we support up to 8 Presenters who can join the same webinar
Maximum concurrent meetings & webinars Unlimited
Bandwidth controls Auto selects best bandwith based on network
Meetings - PiP Mode Can pop out video and change tabs
Meetings - Admin Functions Admin can mute/unmute and kick others
Meeting - Waiting Room Admin can lock room, users need to be let in manually by admin
Webinar - Raise hand Viewers can raise hand and interact over video
Webinar - Polls Presenters can setup polls
Webinar - Backstage Presenters can setup and chat with other presenters backstage
Recording Coming soon - Record meetings and webinars
Meetings - Transcription Coming soon - Get a text transcript for a recorded meeting
Streaming to Youtube & Facebook Coming soon - Stream meetings/webinars to Youtube & Facebook
Comprehensive account dashboard View your analytics and manage billing from dashboard.
Sample Apps and developer support Sample apps are provided, developer support can be setup to handle integration issues
Customer support Customer support included in the service

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